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Shar Stephens

Singer. Performer.
Songwriter. Bassist.

Shar of Ramuk Records

Born in Oklahoma, this Lady learned how to play her Daddy's guitar in her younger years. In the late sixties she was offered a job playing Bass for a Country group, which she took. Playing the Bass guitar would wind up being her career for the rest of her life.

As time moved on Shar travelled with her husband all over America from Alaska to Georgia playing music through the 70s and 80s.

Shar has either worked for or done shows with such greats as Donna Fargo, Freddy Hart, Johnny Paycheck, Jim Ed Brown, and the list goes on.

In the 90s Shar finally decided to stick with her first love which is Country Music. She has appeared several times on the MidWest Country and TruCountry television shows and performed on the Midnight Jamboree.

This Lady is truly "A-1".

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